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Tarantino's Thoughts: A Fan's Point of “Views”.


Well ladies and gentlemen, it's officially been a week since Views came out and I have to say it's been amazing to read and converse about what we like–and for some, didn't like–about the 4th studio album from the Hip-Hop (it's so many levels to the genre) veteran…Drake.  I must admit I did not want to touch this one with a 50-foot pole. Partially due to the fact that I knew this could potentially be the highlight of my career (not to mention Drake's).   And also due to my fandom (sue me).  Nonetheless, here I am ready to dive into my vernacular-repertoire and simply give my thoughts.  As I previously stated, the amount of talk surrounding the album in literally the first hour stretching to 24, has been nothing less than incredible.  In fact over the course of a week, I've never seen someone so highly criticized for being consistently good … (wait okay maybe Floyd Mayweather, the 95-96 bulls, this year’s Warriors … God himself!).  Before I go on, let me preference my statement(s) by saying: by no means is Views perfect, but I will say that for all intents and purposes Views is perfectly Drake.  Since so many people have been saying that “Drake needs to evolve”, “he doesn't take any risks to do something different” (did they not listen to If You're Reading This It's Too Late or What A Time To Be Alive ??); I'll take the reigns and switch up from my usual format and show you guys what taking risks ensue (as with the aforementioned projects, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't).  


“He has no depth”, this may be one of the most accurate statements I've heard thus far as long as we make it in 2016.  Ironically when most of us caught wind of the So Far Gone crooner back in 2009, many of us felt the exact opposite (go figure).  This was the guy who serenaded us with emotional escapades of ex-love affairs with the girl next door or even the occasional stripper.  This was the guy who made it okay to throw shade at your ex while softly singing: “Fuck that nigga that you love so bad … I'm just saying you could do better …”.  This is the guy who made vulnerability on a song, in Hip-Hop,–when everybody was saying “Fuck Bitches, Get Money”–become a likable norm.  Unfortunately now that the “6 god” created such a norm, some are no longer satisfied, newer fans even confused.  It's almost as if our love affair turned into a relationship where it’s been extremely beneficial over the years but due to our own selfish WANTS, we feel as though we NEED more.  Never reflecting and showing gratitude for the things we have while looking at the next man / woman's relationship asking: “Baby why don't we do that …" , lacking a thorough understanding of perception vs. reality (everything isn't always what it seems). Making things worst, when given the new–“Summer '16”, and any other cocky version of Drake–most of us complain and vehemently “want that old thing back”.  This is Views in a nutshell.  Everything you had and wanted, but stopped or never appreciated.













“Views is like 'Take Care' on steroids”.  Quoting a conversation between me and friends, the album is quite frankly Drake disguised as Drake.  This may be a bit confusing at first, but to the introspective listener, you'll totally understand why .  Views bellows in massive production creating a movie-like winter wonderland, acoustically composing a colossal project with feelings of bitter coldness.  Submerged in Canadian goose, the album opens with regret, remorse, and realization.  Unmasked, Drake delivers captivating melodies and infectious harmonies that some may call “vintage”.  Three songs in, “You With Me” totally separates Drake from Drake, basically bullying his 2011 counterpart bragging: “I made a career off reminiscing”, clearly understanding and perfecting what he's great at.  Finding no fault in competing with self , “Feel No Ways” continues to push the envelope and scores as he easily finger rolls over top-notch production alongside remarkable songwriting. “Views already a classic”–every line and sample calculated, “Hype” throws an obvious but unstoppable oop to more vintage and preferable Drizzy on “Weston Road Flows”.  No hook necessary, only Mary J samples and a 4minute lyrical exercise; The MC reminds us all:


“now the talk at the corner store is I'm TBE … The Best Ever don't ever question you know better, but shit ain't always how it seems when its so(w) together”.


“Is this what you want!” 


In my best Drake / Chris Tucker impression–replays over and over in my head as I make my way through the 6. Like a game of chess, Views years in the making, plays strategically. Supported and basically impossible without So Far Gone, Thank Me Later, Take Care and Nothing Was The Same; all mimicking mere (but pivotal) pawn, bishop, knight, and rook.  Practically showing off, 40 and Drake create “Redemption” the genius love child of “Marvin's Room”–“Ericka sued me and opened a business”–oh the irony.  

Drake didn't fool us.  Yes, Views consisted of phenomenal artistry over next level production.  But in all actuality, he did everything he's been doing over the past 7 years … and I'm here to tell you, there's no plot twist. Unfortunately for some, this may have been the letdown.  The major cry for uproar was similar to spending huge amounts of money on a Mayweather fight; only to watch his best defensive efforts, barely touched, winning by unanimous decision (why expect anything different!?).  Landing powerful punches “Faithful” and “Still Here” count as flash knockdowns that keeps you more than entertained and glued, anticipating a major KO.  Swinging with a purpose, “Controlla” and “One Dance” revisit the dance-hall wave Drake's been riding for some time now; yet they still hit extremely hard proving true the old adage practice makes perfect. Going southpaw, Graham misses with “Grammy's” while Future shows the MC why it probably would've been best as a bonus on What A Time To Be Alive (good song, obvious album filler).

Why swap out a winning formula when it made you the biggest artist in the game right now?  Clearly searching for Q&A's, the question becomes somewhat rhetorical as it holds the answer.  When he finally does, we get horrible records like “Pop Style” that should've been canned (The Throne feat or not) from the almost perfect but perfectly Drake album.   Nearing its close foreseeing such palpable talk; “Too Good” is good, but pretty much everything you expect from a Drake & Rihanna record.  “You throwing dirt on my old name”–yes we blame you for concocting the same records you made 5 years ago that we can't help but still love because now they're supercharged and unmatched in a stagnant rap game.  “Summers Over Interlude” and “Fire and Desire”  make you undeniably mimic the emotional enthusiasm of Joe Budden, and all you can say is, “I think that the music sounds good and I enjoy it!!, '40' you sound amazing!!”.  

Every mesmerizing song reminds you of older mesmerizing songs.  Clearing up any mixed messages, this is by no means a bad thing.  Views is a world seen by Drake.  Filled with money, guilt, women, and no competition. Everything we've come to respect and love (or hate) from the crooner, is given in high dosage.  Haphazardly creating a cause and effect that separates him from the rest, pinning him against himself; creating a ladder going up or the ever so traumatic smack into a brick wall.


What more do we want from the guy who created his own lane and excelled in it? Similar to a dragon ball z character; Views is Drake in his final form.  Every lyrical mechanic perfectly in tune, beat selection impeccable; birthing an unblemished blend of high powered tunes.  This is the sharpest we've ever seen Drake and without a doubt, this had to be the point.  It almost injects fear into the day 1 fans of the Toronto native with thoughts of “Where does he go from here?”.  Let's face it, Drake may never challenge socioeconomic boundaries; that's not him.  What he will do is give his truth no matter the similarity to his last. So yes, Drake is perfectly Drake and that's okay with me–1.2 million in his first week is surely okay with him–why even risk the “culture vulture” judgments of doing something “different”?.  He may never be a Jay-Z (no matter what he says), a Nas, or even a Lil Wayne–the level of diversity in content is just different.  But there will never be another Drake, no matter how many impostors come along. “I'm not doing it the same, I'm doing it better”–brilliantly calculated years ago, the line unquestionably holds true.  Views is Drake at his best, consistently doing it better over time. And that my friend, is simply a fan’s point of Views.


Peace & Love,
N. Tarantino
(Darnell Schoolfield)

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