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Lemon Hill

Lemon Hill.HEIC

I’m learning to love YOU in your weakest moments. Yeah, I don’t know YOU but I’m willing to show you that you’re worth it. When you’re feeling worthless due to what’s on the surface–I look beyond. Yeah, I see what other people be on.

But, perception and reflection don’t always equal truth. To keep it real, no one equals YOU.

Maybe your family traits, but, even the family makes a better version every birth. We're here to break the curse.

Learn some more, erase, and search–until we find a language of peace. This thing right here ain't for the weak.

Every second, minute, day, and week. Dedicated to elevating the way we speak, the way we teach, the way we live, 

the way we reach for things we claim to seek. Damn, troubled waters and rain are deep; while giving up–we claim defeat and rest assured, life ain’t a beach, but we can swim...maintain at least. To make it plain, I was never here for simple things. I even played those simple games. But I’ve grown, and I’ve shown, I can handle change.

They say there’s pleasure on the other side. So I could never run and hide the way I feel when there’s love alive.

You bring it out, without a doubt. I’m learning to love YOU in the weakest moments. Yeah, I didn’t know YOU,

but what we go through no longer holds true–remember purpose. You are more than worth it. You are more than curses. Take time to look beyond the surface. It’s clear to me, we’re here to free the chains of what we used to be. 


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