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Coup Dètat

January 6 2021_edited.jpg

Oh, now you feel it? See really you don’t feel shit compared to what my people deal with. They say, “this is not America”...Me?, I see a generation of racists clothed in makeshift hysteria. This shit is damn near laughable. Imagine if my people go storm the Capitol. Ain’t no photo op with Robocops or “darkest days” and “go home, stop”. Please?! These muhfuckas get love and leave while my folks get slugs and bleed, and YOU feel it now? Are you really embarrassed after rape, genocide, and killing are mastered? Not to mention 400 years of dealing with “Massa”. Fuck outta here! It’s hard to care about your failed democracy. They riot and we “riot” but we’re dying when they stop the peace. See I don’t come in peace no more. I’m not weak no more. I don’t stutter when I speak no more. Fuck this nation! America’s built on hatred that only a coup could save, shit, oh, now you feel it? Nah you don’t feel shit until white-on-white power is what you have to deal with. See this is only a taste of real disgrace of what you face when karma comes. This is history, and mentally we’re tired of the bullshit.


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