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Tarantino's Thoughts:


Every so often I stumble across, simply put, greatness.  Being such a firm believer in everything happening how it's supposed to happen, made this week's topic no different for me.  Insert the amazing Malaysian songstress Yuna Zarai.  Instantly captured by her fascinating vocals on “Crush” (the first song I've ever heard from Yuna in fact), not only did I become a believer; but somehow I knew from the lyrical aesthetic that there were many intricate layers to the profound songwriter.  Pleasantly captivated, I researched and came upon her latest project Chapters.  Harmonies, heartache, and heartbreak consume the affectionate and reflective merry go round version of an album.  Immersed in her journey of self–discovery, every lyric meticulously serenades with vivid pictures of love in its purest form.  Every layer peeled back, Yuna embodies fearless vulnerability and unapologetically offers Chapters.

“Who are you?, What you want from me?/I've got nothing to give … Are you here to waste time with me?/Cause time is all I have …” --


angelically sung over melodic production; “Mannequin” alluringly opens the album as Yuna deeply harmonizes, breathing in love after what seems to be a lifeless abyss of the unknown.  As the story begins, “Lanes” travels down the opposite side of the road with the songstress stressing, “If this is Love … I don't want it …”, beautifully navigating through the ins and outs of any broken relationship.  Reflecting on what used to be, “Crush” reminisces on grade-school like admiration, while trading stories of infatuation alongside her R&B counterpart Usher.  













As with any odyssey of love, Chapters darkens on “Unrequited Love” with questions of “What are we?” and “Where do we go from here?”.  Yuna intensely eludes to the unanswered  in guttural smokey euphemisms exclaiming,


“Only when I look into your eyes, my senses ignite/I feel like, I was waiting for an answer … like a feather falling, from the sky/ You don't want to belong to me, cause freedom feels better than I could give … ”.  


Momentarily visiting an upbeat tempo, “Best Love” showcases the eclectic vocalists' soft smokey monotone.  Slowing the pace once more, “Used to Love” features a duet alongside Jhene Aiko as the two perfectly complement one another while both come to grips with being young and foolish due to blinding love in the past; conclusively developing self-worth through much needed introspection–“No regrets, No looking back now ...”.  


In lovely soprano, Yuna delivers “Too Close” over guitar riffs, piano keys, and violin strings as she croons of words being snatched and wavering hearts stolen.  Battling a lovers quarrel within, “Best Of Me” powerfully puts the Malaysian vocalist in complete control as she roars, “I'm not gonna' let you get the best of me today, all these people tryna' bring out the worst in me/Come and catch what you've created, I'm better than what you've been seeing …”.  Pulling out all the stops, the songstress parades on “Your Love” and “All I Do”, marching to the beat

of her own drum; whether playing over EDM like pop records or stripped piano ballads.  


As Chapters comes to an end, Yuna taps hip-hop heavyweight DJ Premier yielding “Places To Go” over heavy snares, vintage scratching, and dope samples.  Unafraid in the least bit, the songstress sticks to the topic of love while producing hazy harmonies that could lure fans of any genre under her spell.  Elegantly concluded, “Time” closes Chapters penning flashbacks of hurt, betrayal, loss, and rejection; ultimately learning through life's ups & downs that “It takes time”.  


Overall, Chapters flourishes amidst flawless writing and impeccable vocalization.  Yuna noticeably discovers self through various stages of growth and reflection throughout the entirety of the album.  If you've ever felt any emotions that could be equated to love, without a doubt, Chapters welcomes the true believer in pure rapture. Whether Yuna sojourns in the realm of pop or ventures off into the sphere of R&B, she finesses any genre touched with complete grace and zeal in execution. Highly recommended for the hopeless romantic, or even the heartless savage (yes even you deep down … have a heart), Chapters epitomizes powerful music.  So please, do yourself a favor and check out the new album from Yuna Zarai (or just Yuna)– Chapters –available now via stream and download everywhere.


Peace & Love,
(Darnell Schoolfield)


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