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I used to spend my time and overthink. Until ships sink and eyes blink. Then, I step back and regret that.

It’s a lesson when manifesting the blessings and jaded now that you’re tested especially when you question it.

So, stay patient. I fell in love with instant gratification; when obstacles I was facing, cause maybe I was complacent, and working left me impatient–like where the fuck is the benefits? See, most of me remembers this: the moments that I’m limitless, I stray away from dissonance and focus mental images. I mean, we are divine in nature, with power, that’s major! We’re infinite, no less than favored, believe it...this shit is that deep. I've been practicing. Speak, and I see the facts in it. Every day that I master it, positive thoughts start actioning! I see the beauty in times when you thought you knew me. I’m barely scratching the surface, but truly changing is worth it. I used to spend my time and overthink. Now, if ships sink and eyes blink, I step back and accept that. It’s a lesson in manifesting the blessings, no longer question what’s destined–now I create what my future holds.


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